H&R Block Pro Cycling Team welcomes Clement Tires to the team

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Vancouver, BC – The H&R Block Pro Cycling Team is pleased to announce that Clement Tires will be the team’s official tire supplier for the 2017 season.

In the racing world, tires are an integral part to the overall team’s performance. Tire reliability with regards to grip and being as immune to punctures as possible can be the difference between competing for the win, or not, if an ill timed tire puncture occurs. The Clement Strada LGG, named after the airport code of Liege, Belgium, is a durable yet lightweight tire that has a puncture-protective belt under the tread.

In the team’s continued effort as an organization to bring together like-minded companies and brands under the M1Project umbrella, Clement Tires fits this profile very well as they produce a world class product and are one of Live to Play Sports distributed products. “We are excited about the opportunity to have Clement Tires join the program’s vision of being one of Canada’s best supported road programs. Support like this gives Canadian athletes the opportunity to develop and become Canada’s next cohort of World Tour cyclists”, says team owner Mark Ernsting.

Team Norco Tactic SLR with Shimano Durace C50 wheels and Clement Strada LGG tubulars.

Team Norco Tactic SLR with Shimano Durace C50 wheels and Clement Strada LGG tubulars.


“We are proud to partner with H&R Block Pro Cycling Team as it has a proven record of developing cyclists at a high level. As the team has been around for well over 10 years, it is clear that they have a formidable program with staying power. We believe in supporting the growth of cycling development and Mark and his staff have truly created a fantastic program. We look forward to a successful year with the team and seeing our tires out there at the top level,” says Johannes Huseby, Clement Cycling Product Development and Marketing Manager.

Over the past few months, the team has been logging thousands of kilometres in their season preparation on the Clement Strada LGG clincher tire, and they will soon transition to the Clement Strada LGG tubular racing tires at the team’s first official race, the UCI Joe Martin Stage Race in Fayetteville, AR.


The CLEMENT brand was founded by Gustave Adolphe Clément-Bayard, the second son of a French grocer, who left home at the age of 16 with 30 francs in his pocket and died in Paris in 1928 at age 74 a multi-millionaire industrialist. He began his manufacturing career in 1878 by manufacturing high-quality bicycles and expanded into tire manufacturing in 1888 and, later, into the manufacture and development of airplanes, automobiles, motorcycles, and dirigibles. In 1912, he was named a Commander of the Légion d’Honneur.

After World War I, the CLEMENT brand moved to Italy, and this is how most people think of the brand – as an Italian brand. CLEMENT tires were the premiere tire in competition for decades, and probably more Tour de France and single day “Classics” were won on CLEMENT tires than any other tire in the world.

The Pirelli Group purchased CLEMENT in the 1980’s and moved manufacturing to Thailand. In 1995 Pirelli decided to vacate the bicycle tire business as a direct business operation and licensed the brand to a competitor. The license subsequently lapsed and Donnelly Sports negotiated with Pirelli Tyre Spa to bring it back to the market.

Despite the dormancy of the brand, there is still energy in the bicycle market for the CLEMENT cycling tire brand that is unique and quite passionate. An older bicyclist will instantly recognize the brand and in most cases he or she will express a fondness for the brand that is unequaled. CLEMENT was the cycling tire people lusted after for years. If you thought of bike racing you thought of racing on CLEMENT Criterium Seta – the legendary tire for decades.

CLEMENT manufacturers tires for road, cyclocross and gravel in many different sizes and tread patterns. All of the designs are unique and specific to the discipline. Donnelly Sports is based in Boulder, CO and is constantly working on growing the offering in all areas.


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