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Looking Forward to Racing in North America

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Felix Cote Bouvette discusses what he looks forward to in North American racing after a season on the French Team Bricquebec Contentin.

For the year 2015 I’m going to be racing this side of the Atlantic Ocean on the H&R Block Pro Cycling Team. I’m excited to be back racing with guys I grew up with and it’s going to be a good opportunity for me to strive towards achieving personal and team goals.

Racing in North America is like dancing, it’s elegant and calculated. It’s a lot more tactical; there is a reason for everything you do. It’s a combination of planning and working towards that plan as a team. It’s a reflection of our way of living: we are more new school. We are more precise on our training and in our racing.

Felix racing in France (Photo credit: Leslie Corbel)

Felix racing in France (Photo credit: Leslie Corbel)

In France it’s the total opposite, it’s like a knife fight. It’s raw, it’s uncalculated and it’s only instincts. Most of the time, there is no real reason why you are doing a move, you just do it and go as hard as you can. That’s why you rarely see a big peloton going for the win at the finish. Basically from kilometer zero the fight is on and it’s never elegant or calculated. Full gas until you die.

Personally, I think it was a good choice for me to go to France to learn how to develop my instincts in racing and being able to make such attacks. Coming back to a more calculated setting, what I’ve learned there will be very useful. I will be able to add a little bit of instinct in a more practical and calculated way. It will bring a new dimension to it all and I think will fit in very well with the teams philosophy establish or always be represented in breakaways.

Felix in team colours (Photo credit: Unknown)

Felix in team colours (Photo credit: Unknown)



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