M1 Pro Cycling Project Officially Applying for UCI License

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September 24, 2014 — M1 Sports Management is excited to announce that the M1 Pro Cycling project will move forward to apply for a UCI Continental cycling license for a 2015 men’s team.

The project team is working closely with Cycling Canada and the UCI to move through the application process for a 2015 UCI Continental license, creating a platform for the M1 Pro Cycling project to access the Americas Tour and other international invitations.

The long-­‐term goal of the project is to have a women’s team accompany the men’s program. Therefore, over the next 8-­‐months, discussions will continue with interested companies that see a strategic marketing fit for both the men’s and women’s program.

Mark Ernsting, leading this project, is already in discussions with key riders and is now accepting applications from interested riders looking to join the M1 Pro Cycling project. This is an opportunity for developing Canadian talent to come together under one program. Mark explains, “We are building a long-­‐term platform that will give the opportunity to the next generation of talented Canadian cyclists to progress at a high-­‐level. It is important to ensure that we have the quality of rider that will produce the results required to continue to grow the program.”

Over the coming months, the M1 Pro Cycling project will be building a 10 to 12-­‐man roster. More announcements around the team’s partners, official team web page and other team details will be announced over the coming months.

Interested riders wanting to “Join the Team” are encouraged to submit an application through the M1 Pro Cycling project website:

M1 Pro Cycling project at m1procycling.com
Rider Application Form at m1procycling.com/rider-­‐application-­‐form/


M1 Pro Cycling project continues to build its foundation, bringing Canadian individuals together in order to build Canada’s most comprehensive cycling platform. This platform will provide the opportunity for talented and deserving Canadian athletes to develop and succeed on the international stage. For more information, please visit m1procycling.com.


Official Press Release:  M1 Pro Cycling UCI Announcement