Rider Profile

Felix Cote Bouvette


Nationality :Canadian
Date Of Birth :07/08/1993
Height :5'9"
Weight :140 lbs
Rider Info

Home Town: Lachine, QC

Current Residence: Montreal, QC

Riding Strength: All-rounder

Felix has been racing bicycles since he was 10 years old in various disciplines; road, cyclocross and track. It didn’t matter what kind of bikes they were, as long as he was on them racing. From a pretty young age he knew cycling was going to be a big part of his life. One always hears stories about some athletes winning their very first race, this was not the case for Felix. At his first race, he finished 27 out of 29, the start of a great journey. It is only after high school that everything fell into place. With the support of great parents he decided this was going to become his job. At 18 years old he was selected for the cyclocross World Championship in Koksijde, Belgium. In order to prepare for this race, he moved to Belgium and trained through the brutal Belgium winter, leading up to Worlds. The next big move for Felix was going to France to race, but unfortunately this did not happen due to a big crash in the spring that resulted in 3 broken bones and a lot of stitches. That crash is now a very important part of his personal experience. This was a moment where an elite athlete either fights through or quits, and for Felix, he fought through it. Fourteen days later Felix was back on the trainer pushing through his injuries. That brings him to now, with a fresh start in the 2015 season as a very motivated athlete wanting to go to war with his new team mates. 



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