Yoeri Geerits joins M1 Pro Cycling’s Initiative

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August 25, 2014  M1 Sports Management welcomes Mr. Yoeri Geerits to the M1 Pro Cycling Advisory Team.

Mr. Geerits is Vice President of REPUCOM Canada with a passion in sport and a strong advocate for the use of metrics and data in the sponsorship space. As M1 Pro Cycling continues to build the programs foundation, Mr. Geerits will be an integral advisor. He has over 15­‐years experience in sports sponsorship and marketing space that allows him to understand what drives successful corporate sponsorship programs and how to use data and research to measure and improve them.

Sponsorship Director – Robin Clegg, is excited about Mr. Geerits joining the team and exclaims: “Having the ability to offer sponsors metrics and data that will allow them to see the return on investment is very powerful. The professional team is a vehicle for sponsors to leverage their brand and product, and now can offer the statistics to support this”.

Prior to joining REPUCOM Mr. Geerits guided ING’s entry into Formula One. It has been recognized as the platform that drove ING’s global brand. REPUCOM is currently the sports market research company for over 1,000 top brands, agencies and broadcasters in sport and entertainment that include several of the current World Tour Teams.

Mr. Geerits is very excited about the opportunity to join this exciting initiative and proclaims: “I have firsthand seen the rapid growth of cycling in Canada and recognize the opportunity to build a strong and sustainable business that will support the sport through development teams and inspire young athletes through the high-­‐performance programs. I hope to contribute through my years of experience in the sponsorship and marketing business”.

Leading this initiative, Mark Ernsting exclaims: “Having Mr. Geerits – Join the Team – is a testament to his belief and understanding of business and sport. He knows that professional cycling is a good marketing platform as the statistics prove this and he believes in the philosophy of the program and that we are building the right foundation for a successful team”.

M1 Pro Cycling continues to build its foundation, bringing Canadian individuals together in order to build Canada’s most comprehensive cycling platform. This platform will provide the opportunity for talented and deserving Canadian athletes to develop and succeed at the international stage.

Official Press Release:  Yoeri Geerts joins M1 Pro Cycling’s Initiative